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Half-Pints (2 years, seven months) have the option to enroll  two mornings per week (9:15-11:45).

Little Explorers (3 Year Old Program) have the option to enroll two or three mornings (9:15-11:45) or afternoons (12:45-3:15) per week.

Inventors (4 Year Old Program) have the option to enroll three or four mornings (9:15-11:45) or afternoons (12:45-3:15) per week, or 3 full days (9:15-2:30) per week, or 3 full days and 1 morning per week.

Inventors and Engineers can opt to stay for our one hour “Lunch Bunch” or two hour “Clubhouse” enrichment programs one, two, or three days per week. 

Our 3 children were blessed to have the opportunity to attend Weekday Nursery School.  Each of them developed the fundamental building blocks needed to grow in learning; but more importantly, they developed a social and emotional confidence and well-being that is directly attributable to the guidance of the kind and caring staff at Weekday.

- Tom and Kris Burns

 What we believe...
  • We believe preschool is a place where children learn and grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically. 

  • We believe every child is a unique and important person who will thrive when presented with age-appropriate, developmental activities. 

  • We believe children learn best when proceeding at their own pace within a structured environment. 


What we do...​
  • We prepare children for elementary school using play-based teaching techniques to foster a love of learning.

  • We focus on developing strong social skills, a necessity for kindergarten readiness, and show children the importance of being a part of the school community.

  • We nurture young minds and stimulate a curiosity of the world around them.


-Library time       

-Music time       

-Yoga classes       

-Hands-on science activities     

-Chick and butterfly hatches

-A visit from the Philadelphia Little Zoo

-Exciting field trips 

We hope you will contact us.

I am a kindergarten teacher in a local school. I have had the pleasure of having several Weekday Nursery School kids in my class this year! The students come well prepared to start kindergarten. They are well rounded and hardworking students. I look forward to having more students from your school in the future! You're doing an amazing job!

- Ms. Sandy Raybuck

(Eleanor Roosavelt Elementary School)