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Spanish with Mrs. Kieley
Learning another language in early childhood provides children with more than just new vocabulary. Experiencing a second language, like Spanish, promotes cognitive development, cultural sensitivity, and communication skills. Using fun and interactive methods, students will be introduced to basic Spanish concepts.

Feelings and Friendship with Mrs. Bausher
Preschoolers may be small in stature, but are dealing with some big feelings. Students will learn to identify a wide range of emotions, build coping skills, and explore the world around them.

Yoga with Mrs. Layden
In Yoga we stretch our minds and our bodies to find our inner peace.  We have fun with thematic songs and stories while we move our bodies. Our breathwork carries with us throughout our classwork and our lives. 

Special Events

Mad Science

We had a Mad Scientist come to our school for our Inventors classes! Radioactive Rick was so funny. He taught us all about the solar system and how to be an astronaut. We walked around with moon boots, goggles, and picked up moon rocks. It's fun to break away from normal classroom routines and give them a little something extra!
WNS Pajama Collection

Weekday Nursery School is dedicated to making a difference that starts in the classroom and carries out to the community. This year we collected Pajamas on our Giving Tree! We collected 50 pairs of Pajamas and donated them to Ivin's Outreach Center, a local non-profit organization. Thank you again to our amazing families here at Weekday!
WNS Food Drive

Being apart of the Morrisville Presbyterian Church, we are able to know what our surrounding community is in need of. We are so thankful to our families for their generosity each year to help re-fill the food pantry. Every little bit counts.

Fire House Visit

Up close and personal with a firetruck and firemen! The WNS children learned all about fire prevention and safety this week through various activities, but the highlight was a visit from the Morrisville fire truck! They got to see the equipment and hoses on the truck and how much gear each person has to wear! Be sure to check your fire alarms in your home.

Thank you for always keeping us safe!

Caterpillar Hatching

The caterpillars started so small and grew to be beautiful butterflies and we got to watch them every step of the way. This is a great spring project to do! Once they are all hatched and wings are dry, we release them as a class. Keep an eye out because one you see might be one we set free!

Howell Living History Farm

The Inventors class learned about life on the farm at Howell Living History Farm.  They were introduced to the history of farming, explored the farm, saw how the animals are cared for, and experienced first-hand some of the farm chores. Parents can thank us later! 

Silver Lake Nature Center

Silver Lake Nature Center

Bugs, turtles, snakes oh my… Our Explorers class learned all about different animal habitats on their trip to Silver Lake Nature Center.  While investigating some of these habitats they searched for bugs and did a pond study. 

Quiver Farms Chick Hatching

All WNS students had the opportunity participate in the Quiver Farms Chick Hatching project.  Mrs. Alexy picked up our eggs this year and Mrs. Bausher surprised us all that she is also a farmer! She explained to all of our students how the chicks are cared for on the farm. Students not only had the opportunity to see how the hatching process went, they all got to hold a baby chick!

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